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4 Powerful Advantages Of Implementing a Multilingual Info Product Expansion In Your Business

Going global has become a necessity rather than an option in this competitive world.

So if you’re considering expansion to other languages, the opportunities for you are countless: from gaining access to new markets to growing your teams and increasing revenue… but maybe you think it is still not time to broaden your horizons, not yet...

If that’s your case, the following 4 facts will leave room for no doubt!

1. Build New Revenue Streams

Nowadays, 45% of middle-market businesses make more than half of their revenue overseas.

Once you conquer the local market, the next obvious step is to expand internationally. Your offer might fill in a huge untapped blank in other markets.

The key is to adapt your offer and take into consideration your new demographics when expanding to such markets.

2. Achieving Great Competitive Advantage

Global presence will truly set you apart from your competitors.


Poorly executed expansion strategies can lead to huge losses, so a solid plan is key before venturing internationally.

Going global does not only imply increased revenue, but also new opportunities for talent, an expanded customer base and a new pool of incredible suppliers.

3. Access A Huge Global Talent Pool

Expanding globally requires am international network of collaborators.

Working with native talent is not only convenient but key to your success in the new market, thanks to their unique insights into local cultural aspects.

InfOhana’s team is built entirely of world-class specialists offering unique value to every client and project.

4. Offer Amazing Quality

After being in a local market for a while, it can be tough to find new customers and keep your offer relevant.

A global expansion brings the invaluable opportunity of a new feedback loop. This will not only help you discover a new market, it will let you know how to adapt your offer and keep it relevant.

These are just some of the core benefits of going global. But there’s more...

It’s Not JUST About Translating

One of the most common reasons why international expansions fail is automated translation. Going global is much more than word-for-word substitution...

It’s all about LOCALIZATION, and only human professionals can achieve that for a product.


The process of adapting a product or service to a specific locale or market.

Translation is only one of the aspects of localization. Other aspects include:

  • Specialised copy for the target market.

  • SEO integration, adaptation of graphics.

  • Design and layout.

  • Review of content to ensure propriety in the target language or region.

  • Converting units and formats.

  • Complying with local regulations.

As the old saying goes:

“It’s not what you say, but how you say it.”

Tone, intention, nuance… knowing how to address your target client goes way beyond what an automatic translation service can provide.

It’s all about context:

Are your prospects expecting you to talk to them in a businesslike manner, or do they feel more comfortable if you loosen your tie and get on a first name basis?

At InfOhana, our team of professional marketers will determine the optimal tone for your target audience and use that as the cornerstone for our localization process.

Your typical translation agency will outsource to freelancers who will translate your carefully crafted copy into plain text (at best), ignoring the background and nuance.

Let InfOhana become a member of your business’ family and care for it just as much as you do!

We become your voice

in other languages!

InfOhana’s market expansion system is solid gold, turning your offer into the missing key that new markets were missing.

Want to learn about our process? Here’s a step-by-step guide.

  1. Our Promise To You.

Would you trust a total stranger with your baby?

Your business is the same. That’s why we become the trusted voice of your business. Currently operating in Spanish, French, Portuguese and German.

  1. Our Top-Notch Hiring Process.

We only hire experienced, detail-oriented professionals to localise various types of audiovisual media, using their context and knowledge to make your offer look and feel as if it was originally created in that language.

Our team for each project includes one or more experienced translators and copywriters, a proofreader for quality assurance and a project manager to coordinate the process and ensure the localised product matches the target audience and potential customers.

Our team will deep-dive into your offer and make it theirs before lending you their voice so you can convey your message perfectly.

Suggestion: It’s not only about having top performers in the industry working on your offer, but also immersing them in your proposal so they can be your voice in other languages and convey your message perfectly.

  1. Our Thorough Proofreading Process.

Our expert proofreaders review each asset word by word in painstaking detail until it is perfectly polished. This ensures true neutrality in every translation and flawless grammar, as well as tone, nuance and intention.

Since our proofreaders are as familiar with the content as our translators, they can truly ensure the message is perfectly conveyed.

We use top-notch CAT tools to ensure consistency and create style guides and glossaries for each project.

  1. Our Subtitling & Voiceover Process.

One of the most disappointing things for consumers are poor subtitles and voiceovers.

We use exclusively top-notch technology and practices with proven quality and results. The best part? We do everything MANUALLY!

Unlike other agencies, we refuse to automate translations and only use automated software to perfect our lovingly handcrafted media.

Our voice overs are performed by talented voice actors and undergo strict quality assurance before being sent to our post-production team.

  1. Our Image-By-Image Redesign Process.

In every culture, people respond to visuals.

We work exclusively with in-house professional designers, who will analyze each brand, product, and content with their trained eye to maintain its essence, while still being perfectly adapted to the new language and culture.

  1. Our Post Production Process.

We make sure all of the assets work together cohesively.

To ensure all pieces blend seamlessly, our amazingly talented team of editors review each piece in detail and ensure it aligns with the brand’s tone and target audience.

  1. Our Tech Layout.

The cherry on top is to deploy all of that hard work to its destination platform.

From funnels, media buying, video platforms to automating emails and content, we make sure each piece can be smoothly navigated by the final user.

There’s NO marketing asset we won’t work with: every word, every piece

will be beautifully localised.

Are you excited about the idea of making a GIANT LEAP and taking your business to an even larger revenue?

Here’s a recap of what the InfOhana team will do for you:

  • Experienced and talented professionals working on your product in detail.

  • World-Class localization, including voiceovers & multimedia.

  • Bulletproof quality assurance for each asset.

  • Top-notch tools to craft highly efficient and competitive content.

  • True attention to detail, preserving your essence and adapting it to the targeted audience.

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